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Senior Tribe Lead


05 September
05 October
Greetings from aPeople. This road will lead you to a world of new opportunities.

We’ll try to provide all the information you need down below. We hope the journey you are about to begin will be full of pleasant surprises.

We would really like to have you on our team, so read the description and jump all in!

About us

We are aPeople, representing - the biggest entertainment portal in the region and a member of an international group - Flutter Entertainment. 

We share the values of Amigoness - We communicate easily and trust each other, are friendly and empathic; Up - We are always ready for development. We are not afraid of new challenges and adapt quickly in crisis situations; and Fairplay - We believe that all people are equal and treat everyone fairly.

We can provide you with a sustainable environment, a skillful team, and a work full of new experiences. Surf over our LinkedIn or Facebook page to learn about our corporate viewpoints and here's our vacancy page for more job openings.

About the vacancy:
As a Senior Tribe Lead, we need you to:
  •         Contribute to forming global products vision and strategy
  •         Distribute product culture and principles across the squads
  •         Serve as value creation leader as focus on value creation, growth, and serving users
  •         Determine the outcomes and goals that need to be achieved
  •         Help squads develop the right strategies and tactics to deliver desired outcomes
  •         Orchestrate and guide cross-team initiatives
  •         Analyze and prioritize how much to invest in which efforts
  •         Help discover and prioritize product opportunities
  •         Work on teams in the tribe - How do these teams come to be? How big are they? How are objectives or themes of work allocated to teams?
  •         Is there some form of super-structure over the teams?
  •         Work with product owners and development leaders to match the right people to the right squads
  •         Work towards building product owners' skills
  •         Set objectives, track and analyze product owners' performance and competency
  •         Analyze and understand "profit-and-loss" in terms of what value has been realized for a specific objective with dedicated capacity investment
  •         Develop a strategic perspective on their products with business, customers, and technology understanding
  •         Efficiently secure the resources needed from chapters to reach objectives
  •         Understand an integrated perspective of the company as a whole and how their part fits in with the larger enterprise
  •         Break down silos and manage less and lead more
  •         Enable collaboration across organizational boundaries
  •         Empower product owners to provide day-to-day guidance on objectives, priorities, and tasks
  •         Ensure true collaboration between product owners
  •         Guide quarterly and monthly planning sessions
  • We need you to have:
  •         Enthusiasm for creating products and great user experiences.
  •         Experience in managing multiple initiatives simultaneously.
  •         Experience working on delivery/development teams within agile (scrum) projects.
  •         Experience in requirements gathering processes and documentation standards.
  •         Excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills.
  •         Experience using advanced project management techniques for tracking, monitoring, visualizing, and improving team efficiency and communication (Proficiency in Jira and Confluence is a plus).
  •         A good understanding of the gaming industry and shared platform products (Core/Risks/Data)is a plus.
  •         Humility; is a constant desire to grow and learn.
  •         Technical knowledge is a plus.
  •         Fluency in English is a must
  • We promise to give you:
    ·        Health insurance
    ·        Competitive salary
    ·        Performance-based bonus system
    ·        Professional development opportunities
    ·        Dress the way you want
    ·        Safe working environment - Work from home during the pandemics
    ·        Access to apeople's own digital currency - aPeso
    ·        Thematic internal clubs
    ·        Out of the box community
    ·        Gamification spirit
    ·        Welcoming team
    ·        Skill sharing
    ·        Your personal amigo to help you adapt

    Ready to jump in? Let us know by uploading your resume down below.
    May your journey begin!
    aPeople team 

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